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Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs?

Cane Corsos are friendly, protective dogs that love to be please people.Cane Corso is affectionate
with his own family, including kids.The breed is generally easy to care for.With time and effort, the
Cane Corso can be a good family dog.


How Are Cane Corsos With Other Dogs And Cats?


The Cane Corso might do well with other dogs, but cats are a clear “no.” That’s because this breed has
a relatively high prey drive, meaning he’ll likely terrorize your cat and chase him down anytime they
cross paths.When it comes to dogs, the Cane Corso usually does better with dogs of the opposite sex.
The Cane Corso is known to be aggressive with dogs of the same sex. When it comes to the prey drive,
smaller dogs are in danger, so a large dog of the opposite sex is best.


Are Cane Corsos Friendly?


Cane Corsos are exceptionally friendly with their own family. However, this breed may be wary of
strangers. Since he was originally developed to be a guard dog, your Cane Corso will try to protect you
at all costs. This could pose a threat to your guests.You must begin socializing your Cane Corso with
people as soon as you bring him home, just like you would with any other dog. Take him on lengthy
strolls in the neighborhood, and make an effort to introduce him to as many new people as you
can.Because of his size, it's imperative to use a strong leash made for larger breeds. Enrolling your
Cane Corso in obedience lessons while he’s still a puppy is another smart move.Basic obedience
training for your dog will help to improve safety.

Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs?


Are Cane Corsos Good Guard Dogs?


Cane Corso they’re more than capable of being great guard dogs. They’re known for being wary of
strangers and will audibly bark to let you know that a threat is approaching.Even though your Cane
Corso has a natural instinct to protect his own, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to bring a Cane
Corso puppy home and have him immediately assume the role of “guard dog.”
A lot of it comes down to training your dog who’s a threat and who’s a friend or neighbor. The last
thing you want is for your Italian Mastiff to be defensive every time a person approaches the house,
Also, once he assumes this role, it’s very likely that he’ll be in “guard dog” mode at all hours of the
day. This completely ruins your chances of ever having a friendly encounter with a neighbor or dog
when your Cane Corso is with you.
If you really want this breed as a guard dog that much, it’s best that you hire an expert. It might cost
a few thousand dollars, but it’s the only way to ensure that he’s trained right.


Do Cane Corsos Shed A Lot?


The Cane Corso has a relatively short, smooth coat and doesn’t shed all that much. So long as you
simply brush your Cane Corso’s coat once or twice a week, you should be OK.
Brushing your Cane Corso more frequently can reduce the amount of stray hair on your furniture.

Does a Cane Corso Need a Lot of Exercise?


The Cane Corso may not be the breed for you if you are sluggish or have long workdays. That’s
because the Cane Corso requires a lot of daily activity. He needs to continue working out to maintain
the health and strength of his heart and muscles.
The Cane Corso is constantly seeking cerebral stimulation as well. He desires a close relationship with
you and detests being left alone. Thus, in order to stay active, he requires long daily walks as well as a
distinct playtime.
If you enjoy running or jogging, the Cane Corso is the ideal workout companion. When you find
yourself going on long, winding runs around your neighborhood, he will be able to keep up with you
without any difficulty.
However, leaving your dog in a fenced-in backyard with a toy and hoping he explores on his own is
the last thing you want to do. He needs someone to play tug of war with, run around with, or play
fetch with.
In general, you should feel comfortable giving your Cane Corso a few long walks each day and at least
20 minutes of exercise each day. Every time, more is better.

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