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Can Cane Corso be left alone at home?

Is it Possible to Leave a Cane Corso at Home Alone?


An adult Cane Corso can be left alone for 8-9 hours during the day, however a puppy under the age of 4 months should
not be left alone for more than 4 hours because they require more attention and toilet breaks.
If properly trained, a Cane Corso will readily adjust to a social and pleasant environment and will not become concerned
while you are away.
Cane corsos are big dogs with a very independent mind. You do not have to worry about them being anxious if you can
get them adapted to a certain lifestyle. These big dogs can take care of themselves most of the times.


Can a cane corso be left alone for an extended period of time?


Some breeds suffer from separation anxiety and can’t stand being alone.That is not the case for a cane corso.These dogs
are very much independent and can be left alone for awhile every day.However you must give him enough exercise time
and attention.

How to Teach Your Cane Corso to Be Alone


We must teach our dog from a young age that he will not always be able to accompany us everywhere we go. Teach your
dog from the beginning that you leaving the house is a normal, everyday occurrence. Practice brief departures and
absences with your Corso to help him develop a tolerance for being alone.
Start cautiously and leave him alone in the room where his bed is for 5 minutes at a time. Praise him and offer him
rewards if he behaves properly throughout those 5 minutes. However, if he begins to bark or whimper, enter the room
immediately and correct him.Gradually increase the length of your absences to 10, 15, 30, and so on. Your dog will
become increasingly confident in your return and accept your absences as a normal part of life.Another smart method is
to make it a practice to give your dog his favorite treat right before you leave the house. This way, your dog will have
something to look forward to when he sees you getting ready to go.The goal is to teach our dogs that being left alone is a
positive or at least a neutral event.

Can Cane Corso be left alone at home?

Leaving an Adult Cane Corso Home Alone


Cane Corsos are a breed of dog that is both intelligent and flexible. If you nurture them properly, they will grow up to be
extremely trustworthy and self-reliant. Of course, each dog is unique, and some dogs will require additional time to
adjust and learn to be alone.However, once a Cane Corso learns the house rules and accepts your departure as a usual
occurrence, he will be able to cope with being alone for the most of your 8-10 hour workday.

Things you should do before leaving for work


1. A bucket of water or two bowls of water should be left. The reason I mention this is that a bowl of water is easy to
knock over, so if your dog knocks over one, he can still use the other. I use a square bucket because they’re nearly
impossible to tip over.
2. Before you leave for work, go for a walk or run, or play ball with your dog; this will help him relax during his alone
3. Give your dog a chew toy. Cane Corsos, like many other dogs, chew to show their uneasiness. If your Corso hasn’t
learned the house rules yet and you don’t want to return home to find your favorite shoes chewed up, offer him his
favorite chew toy before you leave.
4. Shut the gate. If your dog uses a dog door to go into the yard, make sure your gate is locked and your fence is tall
enough. If your dog becomes agitated, he may try to jump the fence to follow you or investigate. I have a 6-foot fence
that serves me well. You can’t have any boxes or anything else up against the fence that your Corso can use to climb it.

Can Cane Corso be left alone at home?

Raising a Cane Corso Puppy with a Full-Time Job

Leaving a puppy home alone is significantly more difficult than leaving an adult Cane Corso. Especially if they haven’t
been trained to use the toilet and don’t comprehend the house rules. Puppy bladders are still small, and they require more
frequent pee breaks, even if they are potty trained and understand that they should not do it in the house.Puppy Cane
Corsos are more prone to separation anxiety than adult Cane Corsos, aside from the requirement for toilet breaks. If you
have a full-time job and must leave your puppy home alone on a daily basis, I recommend crate training your dog.

A few tips

1. Morning Routine – Raising a puppy necessitates getting up a little earlier than usual for work. Take your puppy for a

stroll and play ball or any other game with him; the goal is to exhaust him as much as possible. A 20-minute walk should
plenty, but if you can squeeze in even more time, it wouldn’t hurt.

2. Before going for work, try to empty your puppy as much as possible.

3. Give your puppy food and water before you leave.

4. Put Your Puppy in a Crate — 10-15 minutes before you leave. The crate should be large enough for the puppy to spin
around comfortably, but tiny enough for the dog to feel “tucked in.”

5. Leave your dog’s favorite chew toys in the so he doesn’t gnaw on his food bowl if he gets nervous. However, no
puzzle or stimulation items should be used; this is supposed to be sleep time, not playing.

6. Coming Home – When you get home, stay calm and resist the impulse to welcome your puppy overly enthusiastically;
overly enthusiastic greetings might exacerbate your puppy’s separation anxiety. Take your puppy out of the crate, praise
him for being a good boy that day, take him for a walk, give him a toilet break, and feed him. Then you can continue to
play with him and provide him a lot of attention

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