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Facts You Need To Know Before Taking Cane Corso

What is cane corso


It’s actually an Italian dog with a large, muscular body. This dog is pretty large, and many people know very little about this animal. He’s a very elegant and distinguished dog, and he possesses many qualities that make him an excellent pet, despite his large size and intimidating appearance. Many people are unaware that this is a dog that resembles a mastiff, which is a very large animal. It’s one of the largest breeds of dog, and the cane corso is not far behind the mastiff in terms of size.


These dogs were invented and bred in Italy, which is why they have an Italian ancestry.They were first produced because warriors required dogs on their side, and the size of these creatures impressed them greatly.They were bred as hunting dogs from that point forward, and were employed to corner and chase larger wild animals when hunters needed to attract them.The cane corso is frequently described as a working dog who is content in a cattle field doing the task that it has been trained to do for ages.These dogs became less of a war piece and more of a companionship piece for individuals who lived in European countries over time. Because of their size and intimidating appearance, they are frequently used as guard dogs.


If you are considering a large, mastiff-type dog for your family, you might consider the cane corso as an option. It’s a large dog that will do much to make you feel safe and secure at home since he is a large, intimidating dog that is often used as a watchdog.He’s also the type of dog who will fit in with any family, in any home, and with people who care about him and treat him fairly and respectfully. This is a dog that does not respond well to harsh punishment or negativity, so keep that in mind when deciding to adopt this animal. Otherwise, here are all the details you’ll need to know before making your adoption decision.

Facts You Need To Know Before Taking Cane Corso

1.They Are Wonderful with Kids

 This is a very large dog, which is often a turn off for people with children. Why?People with children are frequently concerned about the size of the dog in comparison to their children. It’s a genuine concern for many parents, yet it’s not the most common misunderstanding about large animals.Despite its menacing appearance and massive body, the cane corso is a very friendly dog who gets along well with children. It is one that lacks a strong sense of pain, thus the rough behavior displayed by some children will not upset them.Furthermore, this is a dog that instantly bonds with its new family, including youngsters. It is not unusual to see a dog of this type functioning as a ‘father’ figure for a youngster, ensuring that the child is secure and well-behaved.

2.They’re Not Big Shedders

When it comes to adopting or acquiring a dog, one of the most crucial questions people have is how much of a mess the dog will make in their home in terms of shedding.These are dogs with very short fur that does not fall out often.The only thing you need to do is keep them brushed to prevent shedding from becoming a bigger issue than it is. All it takes is a good brush once or twice a week to ensure that this dog remains a mild shedder rather than one with a shedding problem.A firm brush with firm bristles and a quick once over during the week is going to remove the vast majority of loose hair, which will prevent that hair from becoming a decoration on your couch and other furniture.

3.They’re Healthy Dogs

Many dogs are unhealthy, and it has nothing to do with their breed or type. They are simply dogs that, like some people, are unfortunate in that they have been diagnosed with a health problem that is not easily fixable, nor is it something that can be predicted.These are healthy dogs who suffer from few other, more common health problems.They’re not the kind of dog that tends to get sick very easily.It’s a dog that will live a healthy life provided it is well taken care of and treated in its home.It should visit the veterinarian at least once a year for checks, and it should always be taken to the veterinarian if it is thought that the dog is suffering from an illness or other problem that requires a veterinarian’s diagnosis.As far as genetic health issues, the cane corso is fairly healthy. It is a large dog, which means it is more prone to some of the hip and joint ailments that larger dogs can have as a result of their size, but they are otherwise healthy. This is a highly healthy dog who will live a long and happy life in a loving and well-cared-for home.

Facts You Need To Know Before Taking Cane Corso

4.Cane Corsos are Quiet

This is possibly the most startling fact about this lovely canine. Many people mistake him for a giant dog who makes a lot of noise and makes his presence known, but this is just not the case. This dog does not make a lot of noise.Despite being several times the size of your children, he will make far less noise around the house than they will, which many dog owners appreciate greatly.This is a dog that prefers to sit or lie quietly on his own and take in the action around him rather than participating in the nonsense that kids and other animals sometimes find amusing.

5.They Don’t Wander

These are large dogs that do love to be outside, but they will not leave home. They’re far from mischievous, and they will not make the effort to leave the house without actually having permission or an accompanied human.They are great dogs for families that do not have a fenced in yard and for families that have kids. These dogs will not wander, so they will not allow their ‘children’ to wander either, which means you can trust the kids and the dogs to play together in the yard.They aren’t easily swayed, and will only leave the yard if an emergency arises, such as a loved one in need of assistance.

6.They are Very Protective

It’s a common misconception that because they’re such gentle dogs, they have no motive to be protective.Some people associate them with being very stable animals that will not look for a fight, and while this is true, they will protect their loved ones.  In fact, this is a dog that is one of the most protective in the world.This dog will go out of its way to defend a family member or its home without hesitation. The dog, on the other hand, will not initiate a fight with a stranger or another animal simply because. It may be provoked in an intolerable way, at which point it will snap.


7.They Feel Very Little Pain

Believe it or not, it’s primarily the ears of this dog that cause them to feel pain.As a result, their ears are frequently cropped so that they can take almost any form of pain without experiencing it. Although they have a high pain tolerance, their ears are extremely sensitive.Not all owners will clip their ears, but because they are so sensitive, it only takes a little to hurt them. It is recommended that owners with small children clip their ears to protect them from the accidental pain that an overly enthusiastic child might otherwise cause when playing with this animal.

8.They’ve Very Athletic

We mentioned before that this is a dog with a temperament different from other dogs in that it is a very peaceful animal. Quiet, on the other hand, should not be misconstrued for laziness. This is a large, powerful dog who deserves to be handled as such.It needs plenty of exercise and activity to keep it healthy.This large dog will get restless and lethargic if he is not given daily exercise such as a walk or jog. It may also become overweight due to their proclivity for eating out of boredom. It is not recommended that a dog of this breed be left alone and unattended in the house all day. It should be permitted to go outside to use the restroom and play multiple times a day. This is a dog who enjoys energetic games like catch, retrieve, and other similar activities. This dog will give you the impression that it is busy on a daily basis because it needs to be.

9.They Prefer Living Outdoors

The Cane Corso is a dog that may be kept indoors but prefers to be outside. This is a dog who requires plenty of room to run, sit, play, and roll about. It will be alright indoors, but it will fare much better if it gets refuge outsideIf you do get a dog like this and you have a yard, consider a large dog house, a screened patio or something of that nature that will allow the dog to have some shelter from inclement weather and hot sunshine, but that will give him the freedom to be outdoors and in the elements he or she prefers on a regular basis.

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