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Formentino Cane Corso

The word “formentino” means fermented wheat in Italian, and this describes this dog’s unique coat
color.Its actual hue is a faded shade of fawn with a gray/blue mask and snout.
They also often have clear-colored or very light blue eyes, giving them a striking appearance.

Given that a recessive gene created this diluted color. The formantino Cane Corso, according to some
experts, has a life expectancy of only 8 years on average.

Nowadays, breeding black or other darker-colored dogs is prioritized because the formentino are
becoming increasingly scarce. Even though light coat colors occasionally appear naturally in purebred. Cane Corso litters, they are sometimes viewed as flaws or the product of past crossbreeding.

Formentino Cane Corso
Olimpius Pride

What is the difference between fawn and Formentino?


The main difference between the two is that fawn can be used to describe anything from cream to
Some dark fawn dogs have been mistaken for red Cane Corsi, but the breed standards state that red
and fawn are completely separate colors.
One tip to help you identify a true fawn-colored Cane Corso is to look at its face. Fawn Cane Corsi
have a gray or black mask that stops at their eyes. They may also have a white patch on their chest,
chin, throat, and lower leg.


Are Formentino Cane Corso Rare?


Yes, they are rarer than some other colors as it is the result of a recessive gene. However, there are
other colors that are rarer still.

Formentino Cane Corso
Olimpius Pride


Formentino Cane Corso: Health Problems


Some of the most common problems with the Formentino Cane Corso :

Elbow dysplasia – a poorly developed elbow joint that can cause arthritis.

Hip dysplasia – similar to the above, but affecting the hip joint.

Eye problems – such as cherry eye, entropion, and ectropion. 

The first condition is an inflammation of
the third eyelid gland. The other two conditions relate to hairs on the eyelid scraping on the eyeball.
In addition to these, the formentino Cane Corso is more prone to skin allergies and conditions like

Also, as mentioned previously, there is a strong possibility that these beautiful dogs don’t live as long
as the brindle Cane Corso or their black counterparts. Once again, we would need to explore the
subject of genetics to discover why this is, but one suggestion is that crossbreeding is responsible.
When the breed almost became extinct, some of the remaining Cane Corso were bred with other
Mastiffs to improve the bloodline, and this introduced fresh genes, creating the brindle dogs we know
and love today. These brindle puppies formed a healthier line that has an increased lifespan.
This is something to keep in mind if you want to buy a formentino Cane Corso as it is not likely to live
as long as the black or brindle dogs. Like it or not, it seems that the Cane Corso coat color might limit
its lifespan.

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