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What Factors Affect a Cane Corso’s Lifespan?

Each Cane Corso is built differently. To list a few, activity level, health status, and genetics vary a lot.
With these in mind, it is just reasonable to conclude that every individual would enjoy different life
expectancies. Caring for your Cane Corso is your topmost priority, so below, we will discuss several
factors you should know about as these will help you in granting your pet long, fruitful years.

Height and Weight


As for dogs, those who are overweight or obese experience a significant reduction in life expectancy.
If dog owners don't monitor their pet's weight, dogs could suffer that fate. A few pounds above or
below their optimal weight can open them up to a number of illnesses, including hypertension, heart
disease, and respiratory problems.

What Factors Affect a Cane Corso's Lifespan?



Reputable breeders record the pedigree of their dogs. To prepare yourself, you can enquire about the
parents of the puppy’s health. The puppy should have a health certificate stating that it is clear of any
contagious diseases.




The main elements that affect a Cane Corso’s longevity are training and exercise. Your Cane Corso can
live longer than the breed’s typical lifespan by receiving the right training and exercise.
The Cane Corso breed is quite domineering. They require the proper amount of socialization
instruction because they are extremely vulnerable to outside dangers.
A dog’s life expectancy is increased by regular physical activity and exercise, which also keeps it
healthy and fit. Without exercise, a dog can easily gain weight and have a shortened life.

What Factors Affect a Cane Corso's Lifespan?
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Quality of the Diet


One element that can increase the Cane Corso’s lifetime on its own is diet. Your dog’s diet will give
you an idea of how long it will live.
According to a statistical analysis, dogs fed homemade raw food live an average of 13 years,
compared to 10.4 years for dogs fed commercially produced food.
This study demonstrates the significance of diet quality in determining the total lifespan of dogs. Your
Cane Corso will thrive on homemade cuisine. Meats, vegetables, or a combination of the two can be
However, whether or not your dog like eating a combination of meat and vegetables depends on your



To extend the life of your Cane Corso, proper care must be given and frequent veterinary
appointments are required. The length of time your dog lives depends on the medical treatment you
provide for it.
Any problem that is detected and treated early enough will not only spare your Cane Corso from
suffering, but will also lengthen its life.

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