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Why is my Cane Corso drooling so much?

What causes my Cane Corso to slobber so much?


If you have a Cane Corso, you’re probably aware of its propensity for drooling.The slimy coating of
slobber is definitely not thrilling to spot so that’s why you need to know how to deal with it, and what
triggers the Cane Corso drooling.


What triggers a Cane Corso drooling?


It's not strange to find a lot of saliva all over your home because Cane Corsos are huge breeds with
floppy jowls. Dogs with long upper lips just can’t control the drooling, unlike other dog breeds with
shorter and tighter flews. So let’s find out what triggers excessive salivation.

Exactly How Much Do Cane Corsos Drool?


So exactly how much do Cane Corsos drool?That will depend on your particular dog, as well as on
genetics, a variety of environmental circumstances, and other things. Cane Corsos drool more
frequently than most dog breeds.

Why is my Cane Corso drooling so much?

Why Do Some Dogs Drool More Than Others?


For some dogs, drooling is caused by something called a soft mouth. The term soft mouth is often
used by breeders and owners of hunting dogs. The term can have two meanings.
The first meaning refers to a behavioral tendency to carefully hold and carry an item or small game

The second use of this term refers to a physically gentle mouth bred by selecting dogs with excess
skin around the muzzle.

In the case of the Newfoundland dog, the soft mouth is used for water rescue and retrieval. The point
of the soft mouth is to prevent the dog from damaging what it carries in its mouth.
This loose skin and gentle muscle control can lead to drooling. Cane Corsos have not been specifically
bred to have a soft mouth. Still, they are hunting dogs with loose skin near their jowls that can cause
plenty of drooling.

Why is my Cane Corso drooling so much?


When to become concerned about your Cane Corso drooling?


Drooling that is unusual and foul-smelling may be brought on by bacteria in their teeth as well as
tartar and plaque buildup. Utilizing dental sticks and chew toys is one of the greatest ways to deal
with tartar and plaque. Durable rubber dog toys ought to aid in your dog’s jaw and tooth

Another reason a Cane Corso might drool is if there’s something strange lodged between their teeth.
The source of the pain could also be a tiny bone fragment, plastic toy, or piece of wood. Therefore,
you must inspect your dog’s jaw first if you see any odd slobbering.

The third concern for a Cane Corso drooling is found in overheating. The most common signs of
overheating are panting, shaking, drooling, and lethargy. Therefore, you should pay special attention
to your Corso’s hydration during the summer months.

How To Deal With The Drool


It’s impossible to totally stop a Cane Corso from drooling, but there are steps you can take to manage
the condition and make life with a Cane Corso more enjoyable.

Developing the habit of always keeping a little towel or drool rag nearby or in your pocket is a simple
fix. When those slimy strands first appear, grab a rag and swiftly wipe them away to prevent them
from spreading around the house or staining your clothing.

The amount of drool that gets thrown about your house will be much reduced if you feed your Cane
Corso outside and keep his water bowls there as well. Just make sure to clean his mouth before
returning him inside.

Feeding your dog at the same time every day is another trick. He won’t have to wait about for an hour
or more, salivating with anticipation, until you remember to serve him food because he will know
exactly when to expect them.

It may be entertaining tossing food scraps off the table or while you’re cooking a meal, but this will
train him to anticipate a piece of food every time. Can you guess what that will lead to?

Yep. Your Cane Corso will probably drool profusely every time human food is cooked or consumed.
To prevent indoor drooling at mealtimes, save the goodies for after all the food has been put away
and then only provide them outside.

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